ABOUT the rest of US

In the Outer Banks in late June 2015. About 7 weeks pregnant, about 1 day after finding out. Smiling through the terror. Bear still doesn't know.


Drew and Jess met during the second half of undergrad at Ohio State. They started dating on St. Patrick's day 2005, ended up in Nashville a few years later for graduate school at Vanderbilt, and got engaged in August 2009. In March 2010, they met and fell in love with a sweet girl-pup named Bear and decided she would be their first child. They adopted her and became a happy family. After they married in September 2010, they moved to the East side and hung out in Nashville for a few more years. In fall of 2012, Drew started a science policy fellowship in DC. Jess stayed in Nasvhille to finish her PhD then moved to DC in Summer 2013. In May 2015 everything changed. Drew and Jess bought a "mansion" for Bear and got distracted with renovating the 1920s house. At the end of June, on vacation in the Outer Banks with both of their families, they learned the second bedroom would have to serve three purposes: office, guest room, and NURSERY!