A Childless Name II

What is the purpose of a middle name? It seems silly to have middle names, because we never really use them. Think about it - when someone asks you your name, you tell them your first name. When you need to use your name for most official reasons, you use your first and last name (unless you are talking to the IRS, then you may want to use your middle name - but only because it's official because your parents put it on your birth certificate!). Most of the time, I think people give their kids middle names because they were too indecisive to choose just one. Just imagine how funny it would be if people walked around introducing themselves by their first and middle names... Weird.

We clearly were not really thinking about middle names for Nola, and definitely not in advance. But then we stumbled upon a middle name with some meaning, and my thinking shifted.

A few weeks after our doc predicted Nola was a girl, I was reading the Krakauer book Into the Wild. I love Krakauer. I think the way he tells stories is wonderful and captivating. Into the Wild is for sure one of these stories. Anyway, in the book, the sister of the main character is named Carine. I guess technically I'm not sure how she pronounces it, but I read it in my mind as "kah-reen" and decided it was simple and pretty. Ah ha! A possible middle name for Nola.

On the phone with my dad a few days after I finished the book, I told him I thought Carine might be a nice middle name for Nola.

"Carine! That was grandma DeLuca's name!"

Really? I randomly picked a family name for our child's middle name? I confirmed the pronunciation and spelling; it was too ironic not to keep. Nola would have a middle name after all.


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