Happy Birthday, Nola-Bean

The ultrasound doctor looked back and forth between Drew and me.

"So, are you ready for this baby?"

Us: "yes, pretty much, you know we still have a few things to get done." (It was February 4th, and I was expecting her to be late, so we figured we had about 2 weeks still).

Doctor: "No, I mean are you ready to have this baby, right now?"

We tried really hard not to panic as we questioned the doctor about the next steps in the process - Nola was too small (but healthy at the moment), and the ultrasound couldn't tell us if she was small because she was just little or if she couldn't absorb nurtients anymore, a condition called IURG (intrauterine growth restriction). So straight down the hall we went, where the labor and delivery team checked us in and started the process of inducing Nola's birth.

After 32 hours of medical tricks to get Nola and me ready for her arrival, I was allowed to start pushing. God bless modern medicine and epidurals, and God blass Drew, and the nurse and resident who delivered Nola and kept me encouraged while we urged her out (15 minutes felt like eternity). FInally, after 9 months, she was on my tummy!

February 5th is a new special day for our family. Happy Birthday, Nola-Bean!

Here is a gallery from Nola's first 10 days of life.

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