Sleep All Day, Party All Night

I wish someone had told me about a decade ago that babies basically operate on college student schedules; I wouldn't have waited so long past my partying prime to have a baby! Little Nola loves to take long, leisurely naps during the day, and at night, she's up and at 'em, ready to hang out and drink (milk). Nola and I would have gotten along even better back in the day.

So while we work on switching our sleep schedule from day time to night, we enjoy the awake moments during the day. Nola's two cutest moves to date are sneezing (newborns sneeze constantly to clear their airways post-birth) and yawning. She's already made two treks in her baby Ergo, once to Boundary Stone for lunch and once to Dew Drop Inn for happy hour. I'm pretty sure riding in the Ergo is her favorite activity; the gentle bouncing in a warm cocoon makes her feel like she is back in Mama's tummy and puts her right to sleep. She also passed her recent check up with flying colors: she went from 5 pounds, 7.5 ounces at her 48 hour visit, to 6 pounds 11.5 ounces at her two-week visit. She's growing so quickly, we can barely keep up with the pictures and posts!

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