The Best Big Sister

Any family with pets has an extra challenge when bringing home a new baby - how do you make sure your fur baby doesn't feel left out with all the attention going to the new addition? As an only child, Bear has been the center of our worlds for over 5 years. We knew Bear would accept Nola, but we worried that she would feel neglected becasue we wouldn't be able to give her the same amount of attention.

When we arrived home from the hospital, Bear was instantly interested in Nola. She ran over to the carseat and started sniffing really hard, all over Nola and the seat. When I took Nola out of the carseat and carried her upstairs, Bear came and we all sat on the floor just getting used to each other. At first, her behavior made us nervous, becasue she responded to Nola like she reacts to cats and other animals (small dogs, chickens, etc.) with whom she wants to play: ears up, alert, with intense sniffing and some play grunts.

Over the first few days at home, we carefully let Bear sniff Nola and get a little closer. It didn't take long for us to realize that she was actually reacting very mother-like. When Nola cries or gets fussy, Bear instantly runs to her, and if she's within Bear's reach, Bear licks her head, as if to comfort her. We know Bear loves her new sister - and we are trying to give Bear her alone-time and attention from us too. We are taking her on long walks, running with her, and giving her lots of treats and pets. So, both kiddos are happy. As Nola grows up, we know she and Bear will be best friends.

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