Nola's First Adventures

Every day, I try to take Nola and Bear out of the house for at least an hour so we all don't go stir-crazy. Luckily, Nola LOVES her carriers. Aunties Courtney and Diana got Nola an Ergo that is like a baby backpack. It holds her face-in on my chest; she is close to me and when we walk she gently bounces and I bet she feels like she's back in the womb. This is the carrier I use for longer walks and trips to the bars. We also have a Baby Katan "Active" which is a lower-profile carrier that I can put her in to vacuum and do chores around the house. Both are amazing and I am unsure how parents functioned without them in the past.

Sometimes our adventures are just walks around the neighborhoods, and other times, we go to a bar, restaurant, or coffee shop. When we can, we take Bear so she doesn't feel left out. On Fridays, we go to Showtime in Bloomingdale for the "Bloomingdale Mamas" meet up... We walk over with our neighbor Lynn and her daughter Madeleine. Bear can come next time, because we learned Showtime is dog-friendly! Last weekend, we walked to Shaw and met Auntie Marina and Bear's friend Barney for a coffee at La Colombe, then went to the Shaw dog park. And yesterday, we walked to Filter in Brookland; I had a coffee and a scone while Bear kept look-out on passers-by. We are lucky to have great spring time weather for exploring, and it's just getting warmer and better! Let the adventures keep coming.

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