The One Month Landmark!

On March 5th, Nola hit the one-month mark. The time is flying by so quickly and we have had so many great moments! Nola is starting to become more interactive - she is even mor eexpressive and has started locking eyes with us more readily and for longer periods of time. She is also crazy strong for a new baby. She holds her head up pretty well, and does pretty good supermans during tummy time. Her little legs are still constantly churning. Watching her grow has been such a treat!

For Nola's one month birthday, she got to meet a few special people. Her Aunt Stacey and Adam came to visit her and had a great weekend here getting to know her (and moving a couch to the basement in the free moments). Tom was also in town over the past weekend for a dermatology conference and took some time to bond with Nola, and us! We love that the baby has given all our favorites an excuse for visiting!

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