Our Growing Baby

Oh my goodness, is Nola growing and changing quickly! Over the past two weeks, she got two new toys, a rocker with a mobile, and an activity mat. She loves the activity mat. She lays on it and reaches for the toys, and coos and gurgles. Bern and Sev were here over the past week and watched her while I went into work. Bern sent at least 6 videos of her on the activity mat. I wish they could come every week!

At 8 weeks, Nola is starting to act more like a baby and less like a newborn. She wants to be up and looking at the world; she loves going out for walks in the pack and looking at the trees and scenery. She also found her thumb for the first time (but hasn't again since). While she is on her activity mat, she rolls around; she's so close to rolling over! She also scoots around pretty efficiently for a baby that can't crawl. I'm always surprised at how far she can move. Now we always have to watch her when we put her down. Bear helps with that, too!

The pictures below are from March 16th - April 3rd, 2016.

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