Race Weekend in Raleigh

This past weekend, we took a family road trip to Raleigh, NC to visit Anastasia and so I could run a half marathon. We had a blast. It took us almost 6 hours to do the 4 hour drive, because we stopped for a few potty breaks and to feed Nola. We also went to a divey BBQ joint in Nashville, NC. It wasn't great, but it added to part of our fun adventure! When we got to Raleigh, Nola got to meet Stas and some other friends who were in town to run. Nola was the hit of the weekend - so social, letting everyone hold her, even Stas's co-worker's 4 year old son (he was really obsessed with her). Nola slept like an angel and was really flexible and well behaved the whole time. And little Bear was happy, cause she got to hang out with Stasia's dog Ollie. A great weekend for everyone!

April 9-11; Raleigh, NC

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