The Adventure Nobody Deserves

Two weeks ago, we had a horrible accident that scared me to my core - I slipped on the stairs and dropped my precious bundle. She rolled all the way down. I instantly called 911. Colie was in town visiting and called Drew to come home immediately (he was at the grocery). Little Nola's head instantly had two big eggs.

The firemen came first - they told Colie and me it was a great sign that she cried immediately and was alert. We left shortly after in the ambulance to Children's. Drew followed in Civ, right through all the red lights. The whole time, the EMTs and doctors were assuring us that this type of thing happens all the time. But I still felt terrible. I felt even worse when we had a CT scan and found out that Nola's bumps were surface manifestations of fractures in her skull. Luckily, the fractures were aligned and had no complications such as bleeding on the brain, but we'd have to stay overnight for observation.

For most of the night, I stood by Nola's bed petting her head and repositioning her pacifier to try to comfort her. Even though we were in a bad situation, I found myself feeling so happy and lucky that she was going to be ok. I kept thinking of all the poor little kids who go into the hospital for way worse issues - like chronic illnesses that require long-term treatments. A night in the ER and an overnight stay in the Surgical Unit is not much fun, but ailments and illnesses that result in familiarity with any ward at Children's... those are the adventures that nobody deserves.

Some photos from Colie's trip - before and after the hospital

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