Baby Milestones

Well, it's official: Nola cannot be left alone on the bed, or even on the floor on her activity mat. She is so squirmy! She rolled over for the first time on May 5th, and then did it again on May 6th. Then a few days later she flipped from her tummy to her back, somehow. And when she is on her activity mat, she moves so much that sometimes she squidges right off the mat, right off the area rug, and onto the hardwood floor. What a little mover! Her nick name squidge is well-deserved.

We hit another fun milestone at this three-month mark... Nola started belly-laughing! The first time it happened, we were in "fussy" time (the hour or so before bath) and I was bouncing while we danced all around the kitchen. She started giggling! At first I thought it was the beginning of a cry, but when I looked at her, she had a huge smile and her eyes were all lit up. Drew was traveling when it happened, and was disappointed to miss it. When he got back, we couldn't get her to laugh. Then a few nights later, we were in fussy time again. The whole family was outside chatting with our neighbor, and his dog Kensi, was hanging out with Bear. At one point, Kensi and Bear started chasing each other around the yard and making their puppy play grunts. Nola loved it - she burst out in giggles!

We knew Nola and Bear would have such a special relationship . We are enjoying watching it form and develop. The best sisters!

Photos of Nola between 2 and 3 months old.

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