The Many Faces of Nola

Nola is fast approaching 4 months, and is changing more and more every day. She's developed such a unique little personality. She is sassy (do you see that picture on the right?!) yet sweet, and possibly the most curious baby of all time. She takes in everything, everywhere we go. If we aren't holding her in a way that allows her to see her surroundings, she is very unhappy and will let us know until we have her in an acceptable position. We are especially impressed with how alert she is; she interacts with us and others and seems to thoroughly enjoy people. This blog is inspired by the way her personality shows through in her many facial expressions. Auntie Marina is especially good at capturing Nola's silly faces; many of the pictures in the gallery are from her.

This past month has flown by. Nola started daycare. While it makes me sad to leave her every day, I can see that the girls who take care of her seem to enjoy her and her budding personality. I also have more energy now that I can separate work and baby care time - when I am with her, I am focused on her, and nothing else. In addition to starting daycare, Nola is almost mobile. She log-rolls from tummy to back and back to tummy on a regular basis. She scoots all around in her crib and on the blanket we lay out for her in the sitting room. We can't believe how much she changes, almost on a daily basis. It has been so fun to watch - we are looking forward to even more changes as she grows and develops!

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