A Month of Firsts

We thought three months was big news - we had no idea what we were in for in month four! Nola is a little squirmin' worm; she went from taking five minutes to roll over to rolling across the room in five minutes. She also scoots pretty efficiently: inchworm style, she tucks her feet up under her bottom and pushes herself forward. Her tummy time is stronger than ever too... she can straighten her arms chaturanga-style and is ever-so-close to crawling. We can hardly control her now, and she is relatively immobile. Jesus help us when she is ACTUALLY crawling. And to help things along, we handed her baby rocker swing off to our dear friends who are expecting, and bought a little car (pictures in the gallery). WHAT ARE WE THINKING?

All our firsts have not been fun ones - we also had our first fever and first really bad cold. At least daycare is building her immune system! Poor little Nola. Even when she wasn't feeling well, she was so happy and sassy. Bless her little heart! And to end on a more upbeat note, a few more fun firsts: we celebrated our first father's day, and Nola made Drew the cutest little finger-painted tie. We also started solid foods, so her first time eating baby oatmeal is captured here too. And the best first of all firsts - Nola reached for Bear and pet her all on her own! That one is so special to us that it deserved a blog all it's own.

Pictures in this gallery are from June 5 - June 23

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