Meeting Uncle Mikey

After nearly 5 months of life, Nola finally met her Uncle Mikeeey! The Mazerik clan (yes ,all of them - thank god for Air BNB) spent the fourth of July weekend in DC because Mike chose to spend his summer vacation away from grad school on Bryant St. We had the best time! Mike came for two weeks, and we were lucky to also have a few extras: his friend Sammie came for a few days, and Mike's girlfriend, Victoria, also came for a week. Sammie and Mike ran track together at Brown; he lives in NY now, so he came down. We were all thrilled to meet Victoria... she is so sweet! She and Bear were fast friends (she's a dog lover!).

We went out and about to drinks and dinner, played bocce in Georgetown, and did an Escape Room. Chris got us all sparklers, but we didn't actually use them. Regardless, it was a great time. I asked everyone to send me their favorite pictures of Nola from the trip; many of them are in the gallery.

Photos are from June 26, 2016 - July 30, 2016

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