Queen of the Doggies

Oh. My. Goodness. It's official, Nola LOVES dogs. Even before she started reaching for everything in sight, Nola was reaching to pet Bear. Now, since she started crawling, she is even more excited to go after her and give her pets. Bear, however, is not so excited about this new development. She's trying to be patient but Nola's new thing is to crawl up on her pillow while Bear is chewing her rawhides or just hanging out. Nola likes to grab for Bear, go for the rawhide, and feel the softness of Bear's bed and blankets. Bear is unsure what to do about a tiny human invading her space.

Marina's pup, Barney, on the other hand, LOVES Nola as much as Nola loves him. She loves to pet him and he loves to lick her face, hands, and feet. They get so excited to see each other when we go to happy hour together. And, Drew and I went to see The Phantom of the Opera at the Kennedy Center last weekend, and Marina and Barney babysat Nola. Nola had a great time! She loves hanging out with her Auntie Marina, but she really loved getting lots of loving from Barney. Marina provided pictures so we all can enjoy the cuteness.

Nola, Queen of the Pups; pictures from July 2016

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