Arboretum Adventure and Charlottesville

Drew and I started a new "tradition" - we decided to initiate a monthly hike & brunch. The first one was small (because we didn't know what it would turn into) and we had a blast! After brunch, we went to the National Arboretum. Bear and Barney came (of course) and Nola was so happy to have the attention of both dogs.

For Drew's birthday weekend, we went to Charlottesville to meet Nashville friends. Emma and Nora met us there - Emma's brother Beattie and his wife Ali live there, and were awesome hosts all weekend - and Drew2 and Becca moved there from Woods' Hole recently. We got to see everyone and check out Drew2 and Becca's new house! We were having too much fun to take too many pictures, but what we got are here.

Pictures from early August - early September 2016.

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